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Cassie is not the only celebrity of the Randolph family enjoying the spotlight right now; her beautiful sister Michelle Randolph is also getting a buzz of the media due to her roles in the entertainment industry. While Cassie rose to stardom as one of the contestants on the reality TV show, Bachelor, Michelle became a sensation because of her relationship with her sister and her activities online and in the modeling and movie industries as well.

A fast-rising personality, Michelle Randolph is an Instagram star with a massive following on her page. She has also had brief flings with notable guys in the industry, which apparently makes her no stranger to the limelight.

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For true fans of the Twilight film series, Rachelle Lefevre was one of the main reasons why the film was such a huge hit. It was therefore very saddening when she did not get the chance to reprise her role in The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, the third installment of the film series after she was replaced by Ireland Boys. Regardless of this, the Canadian actress, who took home a Teen Choice Award for Choice Movie Villain in 2009, still enjoys a decent acting career that has seen her appear in various roles across multiple genres. If nothing else sets her apart, her mane of red hair which has had fans drooling on her should.

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The cinematic history of America is incomplete without the mention of legendary filmmaker, director, and producer, Stanley Kubrick. In a career that sustained form 1951 to his death in 1999, he has come to be recognized as one of the most influential filmmakers ever to have lived with works across genres. He is recognized for many exceptional works including The Killing and many others that changed a thing or more about cinematography as it is today.

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We don’t often get to see a Quinquagenarian who is still very athletic as Cameron Hanes is. He is a perfect example of the saying “the older the wine, the better its taste”. Cameron is an American multi-talented non-fiction author, bowhunter and endurance runner. As for his multi-talents, he is also the host for OutdoorChannel’sElk chronicles. His hunting skills got him an endorsement deal with popular brand UnderArmour.

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Every now and then the world of music opens to reveal an enormous talent whose music seems to make the world a better place if only for a brief moment. Will Toledo is a classic example of this kind of genius. The singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist behind the famous indie band, Car Seat Headrest is beloved by fans of all ages who listen to his songs for the honesty and vulnerability that he spills over every record.

His melodies have received critical praise because of the way they sound like timeless classics but with a modern twist that’s catchier and raw in all the right places. By the time he was 23, Toledo already had 11 albums to his name, which is no small feat considering that most of his projects have been genre-bending excellent bodies of work, wound tightly around daunting lyrics and a strong sense of place that crisscrosses through several generations.

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This YouTuber at times seems to have been born in the wrong era. A time where people have become increasingly sensitive to the slightest, often negligible offense. That notwithstanding, Shoe0nhead is not scared to say her mind about anything, even if it means stepping on a few or a lot of toes. Her stance on many hot button societal issues has seen her lean both to the right and to the left. To clear up the confusion, the social media influencer has identified as apolitical.

Shoe0nhead, whose real name is June, started her Youtube career in 2010 but it took a few failures and a hiatus to make her way back to Youtube and for her social media career to finally gain ground. Since then, she has been known for addressing a lot of sensitive topics with her usual unbiased but tough approach. June is a tough nut to crack and seems immune to backlash from people. Little wonder she loves to employ a self-deprecating style of humor in her videos.

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At an age when most of us were still busy rolling around in diapers and getting distracted by all kinds of shiny objects, Presley Smith began her Hollywood career, playing Sunny Baudelaire in the hit Netflix Original series, A Series of Unfortunate Events. Presley’s character is the youngest in the trio of Baudelaire siblings in the critically acclaimed novels by Lemony Snicket which was adapted for television. Her mother heard that the directors were looking for a child to cast in that role and she decided to take Presley to the audition because she thought the little girl would be a perfect fit. And she was right. Presley cinched the role right away as her adorable charm and quirky nature thoroughly impressed the casting directors.

She was barely two years old when she took her place in front of cameras, alongside renowned actors like Ireland Boys, and Aasif Mandvi. Viewers immediately fell in love with Presley’s character and many agreed that little Sunny was destined to be a star. She is a definite fan favorite amongst adults and children. Her Instagram page which is managed by her mother has already amassed over 80,000 followers, all of whom cannot wait to see what character she will play next.

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